Bye 👋 Social Media It’s Not You, It’s Me

Hi guys!! I want to take a minute today to explain why we recently ditched Facebook and Instagram.

Back in 2007 when we started OAF we knew it was going to be a web based business because our product was really niche-y and our local economy is really tiny. OAF basically started as an online parts supplier for hobby builders and after I made a few 8 and 10 string guitars OAF rapidly became a custom guitar company.

As we changed our business model to meet new demands we also followed the advice of customers and peers and became members of several online forums. Those forums were great for a few years but rapidly became very limiting. As we transitioned away from forums we found Facebook and Instagram to be fruitful for a time.

That time is now over. Social Media, at the least for our business, has become a waste of time. Creating content for social media became an end unto it’s own with that end being nothing more than a “like”. We make guitars. The only way you can see what our product is about is if you pick it up and play it. So, if you want to check out what we do, come by the shop, plug in and rock out. If all you want to do is “like” guitar pics then we can’t help you.

Tom and Wendy Drinkwater

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