Drumroll… The Headless Prototype 

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Recently I had the honor of building a guitar for Hipshot Products to be used for demonstrating their latest headless system at NAMM 2017.  The new headless system not only accommodates multiscale ERG’s in a lightweight attractive and easy to install package, it is also customizable.

A guitar builder can send in their order with some basic info like the string spacing (anything wider than the standard .418″ saddle width) the bridge angle and number of strings.  The system is capable of handling almost any amount of strings with pretty much any angle due to a modular single string tuning mechanism that is riveted to the custom made plate.  Placing the tuners under the plate means that you have to rout a shallow pocket under the bridge for the mechanism but that also means that the bridge sits nice and low on the body.

The new version of the headpiece is a pretty substantial upgrade from the already fantastic standard headpiece.  The new version is considerably smaller and allows for truss rod access underneath it from the end of the neck.  The slots are sized and spaced to allow for both Gibson and Fender string spacing at the nut.

The question most builders are going to want to ask is “does it work?”  The answer is YES!  Having used a number of other systems I find that the new Hipshot solves all of the issues I had with the others like stiff tuning mechanisms, alignment issues and expensive or clunky headpieces.  The Hipshot system is easy to install, tunes smoothly with very little effort and has a ton of intonation adjustment capability.

As a builder I must say that I love the new system.  Not is it only super functional, the first unit ever made, essentially a prototype itself, worked flawlessly as if this was the 10,000th unit shipped. Hipshot never ceases to amaze me to be honest. They supply many large brands with hundreds and perhaps thousands of parts but treat me and other small builders like their number one priority with every order no matter how small. They are always innovating and refining there products and processes.  Hipshot Products is a small business doing big things and their efforts make many other business like mine better.




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