“OAF Has NOT Left the Building”

Hey guys! I recently had to reload my Facebook app (ugh) onto my iPhone to update my profile pic for Messenger and I saw a mention of Oakland Axe Factory that implied that OAF is OOB (out of business). Let me set the record straight.

OAF is my business Alias. In other word the business is officially Tom Drinkwater DBA (doing business as) Oakland Axe Factory. I am a licensed retailer that manufactures some of the products that I sell. Other products are either partially or completely manufactured by other companies like Fast Guitars and Best Guitar Parts.

I noticed that there is some confusion surrounding the Drinkwater Guitars brand and how it relates to Oakland Axe Factory. So, Drinkwater Guitars is a brand. In reality, it’s a model line of Oakland Axe Factory (the company) that is not branded as Oakland Axe Factory (the brand) product. I keep them completely separated in appearance but in the end its all the same company come tax time.

OAF branded product is 100% manufactured by Fast Guitars in Delta, BC. The OAF product line is The Falcon, SS Series, JM Series and NorthStar Series. Drinkwater Guitars is basically everything else that I make that doesn’t fit into one of those series like the Polaris, Taurus and Element along with the Scrapper headless that I made for Hipshot Products and other things that finds their way onto my Shop page on the site.

When you order an OAF guitar there are few ways you can do it which can add to the confusion. You can email info@fastguitars.com and talk to Kevin Fast or you can email me at oafstore@yahoo.com. Either way Fast Guitars will do the actual manufacturing of the parts. In some cases, I will have Kevin ship the parts to me and I will finish them here in Maine and sometimes Kevin handles the whole job from start to finish. Going forward it’s more likely that Kevin will handle the whole job as I am taking on more work as a general woodworker and finish carpenter, also under the same Tom Drinkwater DBA Oakland Axe Factory business name and ID.

Let’s recap! OAF is not out of business. You can order any of our products at any time.

I apologize for the confusion, this stuff has been explained on Facebook a few times now but as I don’t pay FB to promote my posts they are probably not being seen. That also means that there is a really slim chance that any of the thousands of people that have “liked” my FB pages will ever see or follow the link from FB to get to this blog post. Oh well, what are you gonna do, right?






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