Hey guys!! We really enjoyed our break from social media over the last few months. It was just what we needed to recharge the creative batteries and look objectively at some new sales strategies.

What will we be implementing for 2018? I am so glad you asked! First off, we will be doing something that we have never done before, post excessively on Facebook. We are going to SPAM the shit out of ourselves. We will be delivering content like we have never done before. In times past, we have been ultra conservative in how we approach social media. I find posting more than once a day to be distasteful and annoying, but you know they say, “when in Rome.”

The next thing we plan on doing is creating more content for YouTube. We have had a YouTube channel for years and have created some video content but for the most part it wasn’t well thought out. This time around our goal is to create entertaining content centered around our Oakland Axe Factory and Drinkwater Guitars brands.

The third thing we are planning is to create more content right here on our blog. I actually write a lot of stuff for the blog, but I never seem to take the time to edit it down and polish it up. I would like to think that I could release a decent article around every two weeks, we’ll see.

Thanks for reading and please take a look at our stuff on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram!!

Tom Drinkwater

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